Recommended Shoes For Tough Mudder Training

“This post originally appeared Oct 20, 2014 by Dovah Corp.  I was titled “Off Season Training Shoes For Tough Mudder?”.  We have re-titled the article “Recommended Shoes For Tough Mudder Training”, as well as updated any links that may no longer be valid.” Hi, my name is Chris Dawnovan.  I’m a free lance personal trainer, health coach, and… Read More »

The Best Footwear For Tough Mudder

“This post originally appeared Sept. 16, 2014 by Skipp.  I was titled “Should I Wear Boots For Tough Mudder Event?”.  We have re-titled the article “The Best Footwear For Tough Mudder”, as well as updated ant links that are no longer valid.” In the search for the best shoes for tough mudder there have been many questions.  One of these… Read More »

The Best Shoes For Tough Mudder

This is an original article posted by Tommy Smith in May 2013.  We have retrieved the article and updated the listed items. OK, so I’m runner.  That’s what I do because it loosely fits my job description as a personal trainer. So I am a bunch of stuff if you look at it like that. I am a… Read More »