The Best Shoes For Tough Mudder

By | August 4, 2017
This is an original article posted by Tommy Smith in May 2013.  We have retrieved the article and updated the listed items.

OK, so I’m runner.  That’s what I do because it loosely fits my job description as a personal trainer. So I am a bunch of stuff if you look at it like that. I am a nutritionist, an MMA practitioner, Yogi, paleo buff, etc.  So I wear more hats than the Atlanta Braves. One thing I am not though is some wasteful joker who likes to ruin a pair of shoes like I did last year running the Tough Mudder in Colorado. (Great event, GREAT EVENT!)  Anyway, this is my short list of The Best Shoes For Tough Mudder.

I had so much fun until I realized that I had worn the most wimpy pair of shoes possible for a sludge fest such as Tough Mudder.  Each step I took in that event I kept a memento of the last few feet I’d run in the form of mud and unwanted water weight.  My Nike Free just would not drain water and they were holding onto mud like the last piece of bacon at Sunday breakfast at Na-Na’s house.  I still ran a decent time because of my sheer gusto, but I didn’t dominate like I should have. On top of that my shoes were so stained and infused with puke and filth that I decided to donate them, lol.  My apologies to whoever got those kicks.  I should’ve shot them into the sun instead.

On my path of redemption from wimpyness I discovered a couple of shoes that I feel are The Best Shoes For Tough Mudder.  In my humble opinion, they will serve to prepare me for domination.

The main thing I was looking for when I found these shoes was water drainage capability. Some of the characteristics I’ve found inadvertently are durability and stain defense which will be big depending on the venue you’re running.

1. New Balance MT 10v1

The Best Shoes For Tough Mudder I like a few things about these.  The first thing only experienced movers might understand. It’s that first wear, lived in feeling. The MT’s feel like that one pair of shoes that you wait 10 years to throw away, or maybe not throw away…..RETIRE. They fit your feet like socks and they’re responsive like a brand new smart phone. I mean damn they are fun to MOVE in. So now when I go buy shoes and socks I wear them so as to ask their opinion of potential additions to the family.

The style of the shoe is such that a few stains build character. They’re technically a minimalist shoe, but the way the heel drops inside you could stand to add an insert if that was your preference.
They wick water away quickly and don’t hold mud in the mesh hardly at all and you could get away with wearing them barefoot because of the make of the interior.

Negatively speaking, what I will say is they do require you to buy about a half size larger than you might normally wear. They’re naturally a bit snug, but that’s because they’re family. I like to keep my family close, not creepy close though.

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2. Salomon Speedcross 4

The Best Shoes For Tough MudderIf you’ve got a little more money to spend these are the way to go:  Now, these are not as next-doorsy as my New Balance, but these have got fangs. I mean they really look bad-ass on your foot. Hell, I look faster when I have these on. I feel like I’m favored to win at life all of a sudden. They’re waterproof. You don’t have to tie em(for the lazy, bullied fat kid in all of us) so you don’t have to bend over!

The best part is there is SOOO much traction that it defies logic. Look at the bottom and see for yourself. I could walk up a wall in these bad boys no problem. Truth be told though, I got these online based off a referral I got from a friend out of town.  He suggested I try em and the first 10 miler I ran some threads popped loose, but I had them replaced and I wouldn’t part with em at all. They are definitely going in my Zombie Survivalist kit for when escapin’ ain’t just a suggestion. It’s mandatory. Quote that.

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  1. Kristy on said:

    Was looking for shoes for TM and came across this. Just wanted to say thanks for the useful info and the pure hilarity with which it was delivered. Do you write a blog??

    Best – Kristi

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    • Tommy on said:

      Hey Kristi!

      Sorry for being stupidly late. I didn’t have my comments enabled and I never saw this! But I’m currently making a few blogs. Ill save your email address and send you a URL when I have them completed. Also, I’m glad that you liked my material. I aims t’ please.


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  2. Eric Miller on said:

    Tommy your description of the shoes are excellent! I wonder if the traction grips on the bottom of the course of 10 – 12 mile mudder courses push up and cause pressure over time to the specific parts of your feet that the traction grips are placed on the shoe? Also the zombie survivalist kit throw in was super awesome!


    Eric Miller

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    • Eric Miller on said:

      Also How do I make sure my comments are enabled? You may have to email me as I am not sure I will be able to navigate back to this thread once I leave it. Not the greatest with technology you know.

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      • Skipp on said:

        Hello Eric,
        I am the admin for shoes for tough mudder, sorry for not seeing your comment before. Comment’s are enabled but are moderated, and need to be approved to cut back on spam.
        I will be sure to let Tommy know of your comment and have him get back to you ASAP on your question! Been a while since this article was written, I am glad it is still proving people with good information.


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  3. Joseph on said:

    Great info you have on this site, it really helped me out. I think I will go with the Salomon Speedcross 4. I’ve been recommended a pair before and heard they were a good running shoe for tough mudder events.


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