The Best Footwear For Tough Mudder

By | August 4, 2017
“This post originally appeared Sept. 16, 2014 by Skipp.  I was titled “Should I Wear Boots For Tough Mudder Event?”.  We have re-titled the article “The Best Footwear For Tough Mudder”, as well as updated ant links that are no longer valid.”

In the search for the best shoes for tough mudder there have been many questions.  One of these is whether boots are suitable for competition.  This brings to question What Is The Best Footwear For Tough Mudder?  

The Best Footwear For Tough Mudder

There may be some New-Age boots or a boot-esque type of shoe that will work.  However, there are not any heavy clunkers.  Let me discuss my reasoning behind this.  I will also make suggestions towards the best shoes for tough mudder.  In particular for those wanting boot protection and feel.

To begin with, I would NOT suggest wearing boots for any tough mudder event.  Here is why.  If you wear boots, they will end up being very heavy on you.  This will hinder or slow you if you are trying to set any kind of personal record.  This will prevent you from being a real competitor in the event.

Let me stop here and say that if you plan on walking the entire event, then boots wouldn’t be a terrible idea.  Just note that you’ll likely not be in the front of the pack.

There are many shoes for tough mudder that can give you the same benefits as boots.  They can also give you a competitive advantage.  For a true competitor, I would suggest Salomon XA Pro Mid GTX. These shoes are still lightweight and easy to run in.  They also give you all the added support and weather protection that boots have. The Salomon Speedcross 3 is great for this.  There are some people that prefer more support than an athletic shoe can provide for this kind of event.

The Salomon XA Pro Mid GTX is the best of both worlds. They provide the classic boot structure, stability and waterproofing.  You will find that they are still lightweight and comfortable enough to run in without straining your calves or shins.  They also have superior grip! These can be a little more costly than the Speedcross 3.  Keep an eye out and you may find a great deal on AMAZON.

Another cost effective solution for those desiring the boot feel would be KEEN shoes. This brand of awesome trail shoes cost a little less than Salomon without sacrificing quality. From talking with other runners and athletes brand name is a personal preference thing, and I suggest trying different brands at some point to make sure you have found your best fit. The KEEN Tryon WP trail running shoes is one of the best shoes for tough mudder. These versatile shoes are supportive and sturdy like a boot, but are lightweight and comfortable to allow you to really lay down some speed in them.

If you are dead set on some sort of boot I suggest the KEEN Verdi II Mid WP. This boot has excellent stability and dryness ratings, and is as comfortable as a running shoe. I haven’t tried these personally, but I would like to know how these perform because they have potential to be some of the best shoes for tough mudder.

 Do you have a boot or shoe you suggest or had a good experience in Tough Mudder events? Leave a comment below or contact me on the contact page and let us know What Is The Best Footwear For Tough Mudder.   We will try to include it in one of our future posts!

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