Shoes for Tough Mudder


OK, so I’m runner.  That’s what I do because it loosely fits my job description as a personal trainer. So I am a bunch of stuff if you look at it like that. I am a nutritionist, an MMA practitioner, Yogi, paleo buff, etc.  So I wear more hats than the Atlanta Braves. One thing I am not though is some wasteful joker who likes to ruin a pair of shoes like I did last year running the Tough Mudder in Colorado. Great event, GREAT EVENT!  Continue reading

Off Season Training Shoes for Tough Mudder

Hi, I’m Chris Dawnovan, free lance personal trainer, health coach, and martial arts practitioner. I’ve worked with “Tough Mudder” participants as well as “Spartan Race” runners over the past two years, and great reliable footwear is a MUST in not only these events, but in your every day training needs. You need a shoe suitable for off season training as well, so these shoe suggestions shouldn’t be used for the event itself, but for your regular workout routine whether at home, at the gym, or runs at your local park and track fields. Have you ever went running just to get 10 minutes or so into your run and feel aches and pains in your joints or feet? That’s caused from running in improper footwear. Before I became a personal trainer or had any idea what I was doing, I would run in Timberland or steel toed work boots, because I thought the weight of the shoes would increase the challenge to the workout, not knowing that every step I took could be causing me serious damage to my joints and or nerves. Here I will offer my suggestions for a comfortable, safe, and supportive running shoe, capable of carrying you between seasons without the immediate wear and tear. Continue reading

Should I Wear Boots for Tough Mudder Event?

In the search for the best shoes for tough mudder there have been many questions about whether boots are suitable for competition. Maybe some New-Age boots or a boot-esque type of shoe, but not any heavy clunkers. I discuss my reasoning behind this and make suggestions towards the best shoes for tough mudder for those wanting boot protection and feel in this article.

Should You Wear Boots To Tough Mudder Event Continue reading

Watermelon Classic 5k in Jackson

A few weeks ago I got to participate in a 5k in Mississippi. Hot as hades! But… Excellent race! There was a large crowd out and I got to warm the crowd up for the run on a rickety crickety stage. I really thought I was going to: a. Snap the stage in half or b. Snap the stage in half and land on an old person, break their hip, and live with guilt for the rest of my life. Either way I’m really surprised that stage didn’t buckle like cowboy belts. Continue reading